Our Company

Relucent, its origins and details



Adjective shining; bright.

From the Latin word relūcēre, to shine back

We are a software and web solution design and development company, built on the ideology of an interconnected future. We work hand-in-hand with businesses to build and curate the software and applications that they need to let their operations flow smoothly and without interruption.

Our Team


Marketing & Design

Lauren is a key member of our team, bringing new ideas to the table, working on promoting the things that we do, and always supporting morale. Lauren has worked on a number of projects with us from day one and, whilst maintaining a busy lifestyle outside, always puts in the work to help everything run smoothly.


Software Developer

As our primary software developer, Dom never fails to put the time and effort into making our products and projects meet or surpass our high standards. Starting off as a WordPress developer, Dom has progressed to fully-fledged applications and beyond, whilst still maintaining a keen interest in all things website-related. With strong knowledge of PHP, TypeScript, Docker and various build systems, Dom continues to advance his own knowledge and brings a lot of advances in our tech stack to the table almost daily. In addition to a wide range of software knowledge, Dom also likes to fix laptops, computers, phones and other hardware in his free time and often offers his expertise to help fix issues no matter how small.